Do you know about such a concept as “beautiful” code? Undoubtedly, each programming language has its own style of writing, and Swift is no exception.
For example, there is such a small rule: to write classes, structures and enumerations only with a capital letter and each new word to begin with a capital (class MyClass), and properties with a small (let myConstant).
It is also recommended to use internal and external names, for example, for function parameters in an external name, you can write about what this function does, and internal one with a single letter, for better code reading. By the way, external names can be used outside of a function or method, but internal ones only within a function.
When using if, else, switch, etc. the curly braces open on the same line, but close on the new one.
And most importantly, always use comments (and better learn how to write them in English), write what block is responsible for that, so after opening the code after a while you can immediately understand what is happening in the code.

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