Often there is a need to make browsing of pictures by whispering, and how correctly this can be found not immediately. For this purpose, we need to use the UIPageViewController – this is a view controller that manages the navigation between content pages.
You need to create a Page controller, a controller that will contain thumbnails and a main controller that will link the two controllers. And the rest is for the code.

class ViewController: UIViewController, UIPageViewControllerDataSource {
var pageViewController: UIPageViewController?
let contentImages = [“Image-1”, “Image-2”, “Image-3”]
func pageViewController (_ pageViewController: UIPageViewController, viewControllerBefore viewController: UIViewController) -> UIViewController? {

func pageViewController (_ pageViewController: UIPageViewController, viewControllerAfter viewController: UIViewController) -> UIViewController? {

// Set up display and scrolling, and your Page is ready!

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