Tell a little about creating a project in Xcode!
When you run the project in a pop-up window, you can choose to create a playground (a sort of sandbox), an Xcode project (full project), or a Clone project.
In the sandbox, you can test your code, see how it works, but it does not bring any functionality.
We need the Clone project to work with the repository.
In the Xcode project, you create a complete project that you can build and run. When creating a project, you can select a ready-made template for the future application.
1) Basic – with one empty window
2) Window with a game scene
3) Augmented Reality
4) Creating documents
5) Table
6) Sliding windows
7) Window with a bar downstairs
8) Application with stickers
9) Messenger
There are 9 templates that will help a lot in the initial stage of creating applications.

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