June 4 was the opening of WWDC 2018 and what did Apple present:
– iOS 12 (no doubt everyone was waiting for a new update, the augmented reality was improved, the photo gallery was upgraded, now users can create their Memoji, notifications on the screen can be grouped, FaceTime launched group calls and many other features)

– WatchOS 5 (added new modes of activity, added the ability to talk on the clock as a radio)

– TvOS (the prefix will play more surround sound, now you can watch 4K video with HDR)

– macOS 11.14 Mojave (what everyone has been waiting for is a black theme for mac, you can now group files on the desktop, the Finder has a very convenient mode for viewing, editing photos and videos, you can now take screenshots with cmd + shift + 4 images, but also record video, and in 2019 will be the ability to transfer the iOS application to the MacOS version, by embedding the UIKit framework and much more)

And before June 8, there will be a lot of interesting and useful sessions for developers, which we will talk about later …

Apple present WWDC 2018

IOS 12 WatchOS 5 TvOS macOS 11.14 Mojave