Swift programming tutorial

The text in the application can be represented by two different classes: UILabel and SKNodeLabel!
UILabel is better to use in the view, you can use this class to draw one or multiple lines of static text, such as those you might use to identify other parts of your user interface. The base UILabel class provides support for both simple and complex styling of the label text. You can also control over aspects of appearance, such as whether the label uses a shadow or draws with a highlight. If needed, you can customize the appearance of your text further by subclassing.
But if you work in the scene that you would be better to use SKNodeLabel, the transition from one scene to another does not require removal. To use a label node, create a new label node by calling the labelNodeWithFontNamed: class method. Then configure the other label properties, especially the text property. The size of a label node is determined implicitly by the label node’s fontName, fontSize, and text properties.