A UIEvent object (or, simply, an event object) represents an event in iOS. There are three general types of event: touch events, motion events, and remote-control events. Remote-control events allow a responder object to receive commands from an external accessory or headset so that it can manage manage audio and video—for example, playing a video or skipping to the next audio track.

A UIEvent object representing a touch event is persistent throughout a multi-touch sequence; UIKit reuses the same UIEvent instance for every event delivered to the application. You should never retain an event object or any object returned from an event object. If you need to keep information from an event around from one phase to another, you should copy that information from the UITouch or UIEvent object.

The touches(for:) method, allows you to query a gesture-recognizer object (an instance of a subclass of UIGestureRecognizer) for the touches it is currently handling.

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