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My favourite funny game – Nuclear World!

What can be more interesting than games with unusual protagonists? Every hero of the game Nuclear World is unique, has its unusual abilities. Heroes of the game will help you bring peace and defeat no less interesting negative characters in the game. In addition to the game, there are colorful comics about heroes, where you can learn their history! Play Nuclear World and have fun with us! Game play Nuclear World Download new game for iPhone in the AppStore

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Nuclear World – localized!

The game Nuclear World is localized under 5 main languages of the World! You can play in Russian, English, Chinese, German and Japanese. Play and save your favorite cities in the World! Download new arcade game in the AppStore for iPhone Game play Nuclear World  

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Funny Stickers in the game Nuclear World!

In the continuation of the game available Stickers for iMessage! Send to your friends stickers with the main characters of the game and show what your mood today! Funny Stickers from Nuclear World in the AppStore) Download new game for iPhone in the AppStore Gameplay arcade Nuclear World

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