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Why the Nuclear World?

At present, the situation in the world is very tight with nuclear weapons, all the countries that are in the game are countries with nuclear weapons. By this game we would like to draw attention to this problem, save the cities of the nuclear world together with us! Go through the levels, read useful information about the saved cities. Bring peace to the whole world! Download new game for iPhone AppStore new arcade game play

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A tip video – game Nuclear World!

A video tip at the beginning of the game will help you understand what you need to do. Video starts at the beginning of the first level of the first stage and in the settings menu in the rules of the game. Good luck in the game! Game play Nuclear World Download new game for iPhone in the AppStore

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Nuclear World – localized!

The game Nuclear World is localized under 5 main languages of the World! You can play in Russian, English, Chinese, German and Japanese. Play and save your favorite cities in the World! Download new arcade game in the AppStore for iPhone Game play Nuclear World  

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