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Apple News – Update IOS 12 & Xcode 10

Long-awaited updates! Now you can update your devices to the version of iOS 12. As Apple says in the device should work much faster and responsive. In FaceTime, you can create group conversations, you can create Memoji, added new Animoji, and also downloaded ARKit. Also, the update Xcode 10.0. and the language of Swift 4.2 about them will be discussed in more detail later. It remains to wait for the MacOS system update! Update system iPhone iPad IOS 12 Update Xcode 10 and Swift 4.2

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UIPinchGestureRecognizer (Swift)

UIPinchGestureRecognizer – tap the screen with two fingers and spread them in different directions, so you can increase the scope of the object, slide the finger together again and so you reduce the area. For example: we need to increase the scope of the picture to see it closer. We create the UIImageView, which we assign to our picture: ➕ imageView.image = UIImage (named: “cat”) Create a UIPinchGestureRecognizer, which assigns the function myPinchTap: ➕ pinchGesture = UIPinchGestureRecognizer (target: self, action: # selector (self.myPinchTap)) In the function myPinchTap, we assign the change in the size of...

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Apple News – Update Xcode 9.4

Xcode 9.4 ClassKit

It’s time to update Xcode! The new version of Xcode 9.4 fixed some bugs and added support for ClassKit, now developers can create full-fledged applications for schools and universities, will be able to track the progress of students, monitor the schedule and homework ? Update Xcode new framework for school – ClassKit Programming developer Swift Objective-C

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Create project to Xcode (Swift)

Tell a little about creating a project in Xcode! When you run the project in a pop-up window, you can choose to create a playground (a sort of sandbox), an Xcode project (full project), or a Clone project. In the sandbox, you can test your code, see how it works, but it does not bring any functionality. We need the Clone project to work with the repository. In the Xcode project, you create a complete project that you can build and run. When creating a project, you can select a ready-made template for the future...

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