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8 трендов SMM в 2019 году

  • Farkındalık Empati Gelişim
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  • businessman is working on tablet and using smart phone in office with laptop
    businessman is working on tablet and using smart phone in office with laptop
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1. Пользователи взрослеют Социальные сети стареют. Молодые пользователи конечно прибывают, но основной сегмент, это 25–35 лет, становится старше. Даже во ВКонтакте, которая считается социальной сетью для школьников и студентов, средний возраст аудитории вырос до 25–64 лет. 2. ВКонтакте и Instagram – лидеры соцсетей Эти сети — два локомотива развития social media. Во ВКонтакте сейчас примерно 70 млн активных пользователей, в Instagram — 33 млн. Несмотря на это, Instagram показывает большой рост. Аудитория других социальных сетей тоже растет, но пропорционально увеличению числа всех пользователей Рунета. А например Twitter-ом пользуется все меньше людей. 3. Эра мобильных устройств...

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Apple News – New update and devices from Apple

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✅ MacBook Air – much thinner, 13.3 ‑ inch Retina screen, Touch ID, Thunderbolt 3 (USB ‑ C), as well as the new MacBook Air made from 100% recycled aluminum! ✅ Mac mini – 6 cores, 2666 MHz, 64 RAM and SSD 2TB, Thunderbolt 3 (USB ‑ C) connectors, HDMI 2.0, and 10GB Ethernet, and you can also make trusses from Mac mini, connect them to the iMac and thus make your own Mac mini is more powerful. ✅ Apple Store – new unique sessions, 60 different training and entertainment sessions in official Apple stores...

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Apple News – Presentation of Apple results

  • Apple iWatch
  • Apple iPhoneXS camera
  • Apple iPhone camera
  • Apple iPhoneXS iPhoneXR
  • Apple iPhone

The presentation of Apple was held, what made us happy? ? Updated the iWatch Series 4, now they are frameless, much thinner, the screens have become more 32% and 35%, as well as improved speed. Three new devices were introduced: iPhoneXS, iPhone XS Max, iPhoneXR. Presented models of the new iPhone are essentially updates of the iPhoneX. The iPhoneXS improved the chip, the screen device 5.8-inch Super Retina, devices more waterproof, added video recording with stereo sound, the camera is developed, the ability to change the aperture after you have already taken a photo is...

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Localize the storyboard and xib (Swift)

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We learn to localize the storyboard or xib. First, create your application, then go to Project – Info – Localizations, click on + and add the languages ​​you need (Pic 1), when adding, you can check which objects you want to apply localization to. Next, next to your storyboard or xib, you will see a down arrow, expand the list, and you will see that the strings file (the specified language) has been added and it lists all the text that is in the storyboard (Pic 2). You can select all languages ​​in the Inspector...

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Our new app for your iPhone: True or False

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Our new app for your iPhone: True or False for women Download and learn new things: https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/правда-или-ложь-для-женщин/id1372295779

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